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Since 1836, La Binchoise has been brewing craft beers in its brewery of Faubourg Saint- Paul. They entrusted Knights of Design with the visual identity of the brewery.

la binchoise

Graphic IdentityPlvs Oultre

The city of Binche is not only associated with its carnival. It also has a rich history that has shaped it over the centuries. The logo was designed using the city shield, as a reminder of the city’s prestigious past. The challenge for this new branding was to keep the heritage of the brewery while bringing a touch of modernity in order to be fashionable today.

That’s why the association of a Serif and a Sans Serif typeface was the most appropriate solution. Being a traditional brewery, La Binchoise needed an emblem that reflects the soul and know-how of the brewery, as well as its authenticity. The symbols of brewers – the mash rake, paddle and oak barrels (specific to the Binchoise beer) – had to be present in the logo.

présentation branding

PackagingBut where are the Gilles?

We also redesigned the labels of the three traditional beers. The colour-coded border of the label indicates the type of beer: blond, dark, or triple. The labels were printed on foil- laminated paper with a matte varnish that brings out the gildings on the dark black background. The Gilles of Binche have given way to a new logo with the emblem. Beer lovers will be able to purchase a beer that is not associated with the folklore anymore, but with the Belgian brewing know-how.

  • Binchoise Blonde

    binchoise blonde
  • Binchoise Brune

    binchoise brune
  • Binchoise Triple

    binchoise triple

Photo & VideoAt the foot of the ramparts

“It is a well-known fact that, to sell a beer, you need for it to tell a story.” For La Binchoise, we decided to put the spotlight on its brewing process and on the craftsmanship of the master brewer: Bruno Deghorain. At Faubourg Saint-Paul, in Binche, the brewers have been producing artisanal beers since 1836. The characteristic features of the building give the brewery a unique authenticity in this place.

photos reportage de la binchoise
See the complete photoshoot

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