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We met carpenter Nathan Vanuffel in his workshop in Binche, Belgium. After having carefully put his tools in place and swept away the wood chips, we sat together around his worktable to discuss his project. Nathan needed a new graphic identity to promote his craftsmanship...

charpente habitat branding

Branding& Identity

In any good branding, colour plays a crucial role. After a long thoughtful discussion, we agreed on a colour: ochre. This colour reminds of wood, a natural material, and craftsmanship. For a clean contrast, we also picked black and grey as additional colours. The stick typeface is a reference to the raw material, wood, that Nathan Vanuffel will then carve; the Serif typeface brings about the aspect of well-done, meticulous craftsmanship.

  • charpente interface
  • charpente interface

WebShowcase website

The purpose of the showcase website we created was to present the various services this carpenter – who is also a Compagnon du Tour de France – offers and to explain how he works. In addition, we developed a customized tool allowing visitors to easily ask for quotes.

website charpente
website mobile charpente website mobile charpente


In order to provide consistent aesthetic content, we organized a photoshoot in Nathan’s workshop. The goal was for the photos to convey the atmosphere of his workshop and to display his craftsmanship.

photos de Charpente Habitat Discover

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