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The Crazy Machine Challenge is a contest organized by Google and the University of Mons (UMONS) at the Lotto Mons Expo hall. It rewards the creation of machines using intentionally complex chain reactions to carry out a very simple task.

google crazy machine

Poster 2016Simply complex

Intended for print but also for the web, the poster we created had to be easily recognizable and as quirky as the contest. That’s why we opted for a vector-style design. The audience is very young, so the poster had to be fun and colourful. The objective of each machine was to grab some horsehair from the tail of the Doudou: we imagined a complex mechanism to do exactly that.

crazy machine 2016 affiche
poster google crazy machine 2017

Poster 2017Maneke

After the success of the first edition, Google and UMONS decided to organize a second edition of the Crazy Machine Challenge in 2017. This time the objective was to animate the Manneken-Pis statue!

  • crazy machine challenger
  • crazy machine challenger
  • crazy machine challenger
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